Who is coaching for?

Everyone can benefit from great coaching as long as one vital ingredient is present – a commitment to be better. Without this, even the best coaching won’t yield the best results. So, if you are truly committed to improving your life or your business, I’d love to have an introductory chat with you. If good enough is good enough, now probably isn’t the right time.

What do you coach?

The quick answer is ‘pretty much anything my clients bring to me’. In reality, the most common benefits of confidence coaching include::

Self-ImprovementCareerWellbeingRelationshipsBusiness Leadership / Entrepreneurship
Sense of purposeCareer ambition / career changeResilience / coping with adversityBetter relationshipsBusiness start-ups
Self-esteemLeadership & management(Lack of) energySelf-loveStrategy & planning
Motivation / procrastinationWork / Life balanceHealth & fitnessParentingBetter business performance


Public speaking & presentingDealing with stressDealing with conflictsRisk-taking
 Dealing with financesRedundancy or role changeHobbies / interestsSocial confidenceConfidence in aspects of running a business


How do you coach?

It depends on you. I tailor coaching sessions to your preferences and needs. You should expect to feel challenged, stretched, pushed out of your comfort zone for much of the time – this is where the growth happens. But you will always be supported. We’re working as a team to achieve your goals. We both do whatever it takes to get there.

Because I only coach individuals I truly believe in, my coaching sessions provide the right context for you to find the answers within you. It’s about getting the best out of you – tapping into your strengths and working on any negativity, doubts or fears that are holding you back. By unlocking your full potential, you can make real progress towards your goals.

Most of my coaching now takes place online or over the phone, but for clients who prefer face to face sessions I work in Southampton, Winchester and London. Frequency and duration of sessions is agreed with the client at the outset, tailored to their preferences. Between sessions I make myself available to all clients.

There are loads of coaches out there. How do I know you’re the right one for me?

I always insist on an initial call before we agree a programme of coaching. I don’t charge for this– it’s as much for me as it is for you. This call gives us both an opportunity to consider how well we’d work together. For me, I’ll want to see how serious you are, how hard you’re willing to work to get what you want, and whether I think I’ll enjoy taking the journey with you. You need to be convinced that I can help you achieve more than you’d ever achieve on your own. It’s a big deal. It’s not a quick call.

What's the next step?

. The next step is simple. Contact me by text or WhatsApp on 07944 299 668, or drop me a brief email on [email protected] and I will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an introductory call. On this call I’ll ensure that you have all of the information you need to decide whether you’re ready to get started. There is absolutely no hard sell, no pressure at all in fact. I’d rather you decide for yourself.

I offer different packages tailored to your needs. Some clients prefer more regular (fortnightly) sessions whilst others prefer to leave a month between coaching sessions to give them more time to progress their action plan. The appropriate package and pricing will be agreed in our initial call if we are both happy to embark on the journey together. A typical 3-month package costs £600 for individuals. This covers all coaching and any support between sessions. 

A few points to note though ….:

  • I don’t offer single coaching sessions as great results are not, in my experience, achieved from one-off coaching interventions.
  • During the initial consultation I will offer you some options, but for most I recommend a 3-month course with the option to extend later.
  • Shorter coaching packages can be designed for specific situations: preparing for interviews, coping with redundancy, etc. 
  • NLP is incorporated into my coaching as appropriate. I occasionally offer NLP as a separate service where a specific need can be met.