Simon, Co-Founder and CEO, PopUp Business School

Conversations with Alan are always insightful. He quickly helped me get to the core issues and identify areas that needed focus. We developed a decision-making framework together in one session and this helps me to keep on track with our mission.

Alan has the perfect balance of intuition, insight, experience and challenge which makes for a fascinating and helpful relationship. He has a wealth of life experience and business acumen that he applied to our situation, helping me as business owner understand and develop our strategy. He is a top guy and would be my go-to sounding board without hesitation.

Michelle, Olympic Athlete, Coach, Motivational Speaker

Sometimes in life you have to look at other ways to explore your true self and your meaning of success or achievement. Having Alan in my life has been transformational. Alan’s coaching has been amazing. I highly recommend him!

Chris, Managing Director UK, Zimbani

I started working with Alan at the beginning of a challenging period for our business, and the timing couldn’t have been better. Alan was able to provide both tools and insight that enabled difficult decisions to be unpacked. This helped us to find clarity around what is important to us – our values, principles and company ethos. A better understanding of the interplay between these allowed us to move forward with confidence. Alan’s business experience helped to guide our conversations so that we remained focused on the most important issues as hand.

Jo, Visual Merchandising Manager

Since starting my coaching programme the most obvious impact Alan has had on me is my self-confidence. I used to struggle a lot with this, and also with decision-making. Imposter syndrome was impacting my work life and I lacked direction.

Over 6 months I found the confidence to secure a new job which has benefited my life overall. It’s a role that I’m passionate about and one that I feel validates my knowledge and capabilities. I’m earning more and I live closer to family so work life balance is better too. Old me never had the drive or confidence to go to the interview, but new me smashed it!

This change has flowed through to my personal life allowing me to focus more on my health and weight, something I’ve always struggled with. This is currently my main goal. 

I also really struggled with meeting new people, avoiding social situations wherever possible. I have no problems at all with this and I don’t even think about it now. This has opened my life up to more fun things to do and opportunities to experience.

Emily, Revenue & Sales Manager

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from coaching but I was pleasantly surprised. The self-awareness I gained was truly eye-opening! 

The main focus for my coaching was my career. Alan helped me to work through some really challenging situations which were affecting my confidence and general happiness. Since coaching I have a greater awareness of what is most important to me. It was really interesting to see how this changed over the time we worked together.

I would highly recommend Alan’s coaching. My life has improved since I started working with him. 

Gareth, Director / Owner of Studio Twenty 3

Coaching with Alan has been enormously valuable to both me and my business. When you run a small business as I do, it can at times be overwhelming. You are the chief of everything, and I often find that very distracting. Sessions with Alan allow me to think clearly and accurately. He eases you towards the things you probably already know but perhaps haven’t spent time focusing on. What I like most about our sessions is how Alan doesn’t tell me what to do, he coaches me to come up with what I need to do. This has provided relief for me mentally and given me clarity on the most important things to be working on. I would 100% recommend Alan as an excellent coach.

Jessica, Events Manager

I first contacted Alan in March 2020, just before lockdown. I’d been verbally offered a new job but the recruitment process had stalled due to Covid-19. Initially I wanted to use the time with Alan to work on my confidence going into the new role once everything picked up again. However, so much changed over the next few months and I found myself on furlough with my current employer and at risk of redundancy. My new job offer was then rescinded and I was made redundant from my job of 15 years. Suddenly I was facing the big wide world of job hunting.

 I genuinely don’t know what position I would be in without Alan’s guidance. He kept me grounded and focused throughout the biggest period of change I have ever experienced. Alan helped me to discover my true passion and potential, he encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and to know my worth. I am so thankful because I now have the tools, the confidence and the positive outlook to know that my perfect job is just around the corner.

Zuzana, Coach

The past few months of working with Alan were enlightening and extremely beneficial. Alan as a coach is always professional and open to any coaching area, ready to take on a challenge and prove his versatility. He starts every session on a positive note and praises my achievements, never taking credit even though his coaching skills help me to succeed.

We worked together on various short and long-term sport, career, coaching qualification and leisure goals. Session on session, Alan built rapport and listened to everything I wanted to say, and his deeply empowering questions helped me to uncover things for myself. He helped me to realise ‘what is important to me’ and it changed my thinking at crucial moments of decision making.

I am honoured to have worked with someone so knowledgeable, approachable, compassionate, genuine and kind as Alan and thanks to him I am able to remain focused, dedicated and confident that I can achieve anything I choose in the future.