There are three stages of emotion when you get a new promotion; first of all, you are shocked, then you are elated and excited at the new opportunity, and then reality sets in to the new responsibilities, expectations and pressures put onto your shoulders.

It is important to know that everyone goes through these three stages, even if they know the promotion is likely to go their way and they feel confident about their ability to manage, there is still a nagging concern that they might have bitten off more than they can chew.

The first step after you get the promotion is to ease yourself into it and take your time to take stock. This will give you time to understand the new position and the responsibilities that come with it. 

People understand that you are new, and you do not need to make an instant mark on your position or make any snap decisions. Give yourself time to take in the new role and understand what your reach is and how your role is different compared to the dynamics of your previous position.

The next step is to get as much information from your peers as possible. Companies succeed and fail together, and there is no reason to avoid collaboration and learning as much as you can from as many people as you can.

This is not only useful from a learning perspective but also builds up positive relationships. Book meetings with your new team as well to take stock of what the previous holder of your position left, and ensure as smooth a handover as possible. Listening and learning is essential here.

Having a life coach and a circle of trusted confidants either inside or outside of the company can be essential as well, allowing you a safe sounding board to share your ideas and your emotions with.

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