Half an hour into my first business coaching session with Lisa & Niki and it was already clear that there was plenty of work to be done here. Fortunately, it was equally apparent that the journey was going to be a whole lot of fun for all three of us. And so it’s proved.

Lisa has been the owner and manager of Scorpios hair salon since 2014. Scorpios is well-established in the local community and has a loyal and growing client base. Lisa’s wife, Niki, has her own demanding career but somehow finds the time to contribute to the running and development of Scorpios behind the scenes. Between them they have all of the energy, ambition and capabilities needed to make this business a great success. All I need to do as their coach is make sure they focus on the right things at the right time and help them to unlock all of that potential when things get in the way.

For most of the time we have worked together the salon has been closed due to Covid-19. Whilst this disruption has of course been worrying and frustrating for them both it’s also provided some invaluable time to take stock of where the business is today, where they want to get it to, and what they can do to get it there. In just four sessions we’ve covered a lot of ground!

So, we’re 30 minutes into session 1 and I’ve asked both Lisa ands Niki to describe where the business is now …… with a twist. The task is to represent the business as a boat; pictures not words, one each, no copying, no peeking, no discussion. This last bit proved near impossible, but otherwise they stuck to the rules and the resulting debate was insightful and very necessary.

For Lisa, Scorpios is a ferry – in good shape with a happy crew and a rather cute flag [see above]. Nearby is an almost identical vessel but a little bigger and with a slightly bigger crew. “We’re the small one but we want to be the bigger one. Our boat is already good, we just need a bigger one”.

So now all eyes turn to Niki, and then to the mostly blank piece of A4 she’s holding up. Lisa’s quick to tell her to hurry up and finish it. But Niki has finished. She points out the half-built boat in the corner. “It’s going to be a speedboat when it’s finished. And there’s a whole ocean there for us to explore when we’re ready. But first we need to finish building the boat”.

And then the debate starts ……

What actually is the business we’re talking about? Is it the salon, or is it us? Or a brand that can support a wider range of services, a retail proposition and more?

How fast do we want to go? Is it about a safe and comfortable journey or are we looking for an exciting ride? Or can it be a bit of both?

And then there’s the crew …… How do we keep them happy? How many would we want? What will we need to consider as the team grows?

And over the next hour Lisa and Niki start to explore a whole range of fundamental business decisions with purpose and passion. And they’ve been discussing them ever since, and not just in coaching sessions. Their progress has been mind-blowing.

In just four sessions they have achieved so much.

  • A clear vision of where the business is going
  • Absolute clarity on what success looks like
  • Financial aspirations that stretch 4 years out
  • A list of actions that can help them get there
  • Total confidence that they can achieve it

Lisa and Niki are a real inspiration. Their confidence, their energy and their commitment to the Scorpios business is boundless. They’re proud of what they have today, and are excited about the future. And now that they’re completely aligned in their objectives for the business, they’re a pretty awesome team.

Lisa & Niki started their journey by using a diagnostic quiz for small businesses on my website. Find it here ….