About Me

I’m finally doing my dream job! I get to work with great people every day, helping them to find another level in their lives. Better performance in their work. A new career. A more successful business. A greater sense of fulfilment and happiness. Whatever we’re working towards, I find as much excitement and pride in the successes of my clients as I do in my own successes.

I love coaching because I know that it works. It’s certainly helped me at key moments, and when I reflect on my life to date there are certainly times I wish I’d had access to a coach. When I wanted to leave teaching but was unsure whether I could do anything else. When I first stepped into a Finance Director role and didn’t know what to expect, and what was expected of me. When I knew I wanted to set up my own coaching business but I had no idea where to start. These were tough times, made so much tougher because I felt like I was tackling them on my own.

My clients don’t tackle any of the big decisions alone. And they tell me they’re achieving things they would never have believed possible without coaching. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the testimonials!

So what am I to my clients? Depending on who and when you asked, I think they’d say I’m ….

  • the person who helps them get past their limiting beliefs
  • the person who knows how to tap into their strengths
  • the person who challenges them to be at their best
  • their sounding board
  • their cheerleader
  • their mentor

In other words, if we’re working together, I’m always in your corner – whatever you need!

My Journey

What qualifies me to coach?

Belief: I know my coaching works – my clients tell me so. I’m confident that powerful coaching works in any area of your life or your business.

Energy: I’m excited and energised by what you can achieve. For the time that we’re working together I’m 100% in your corner, whatever it takes.

Motivation: I love seeing people grow and flourish through their coaching journey. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Curiosity: I want to understand what makes you tick and what holds you back. I want you to know this too so you can see how to live your best life.

Experience: I’ve built a successful, happy, balanced life for myself but it was hard work getting here. I learned valuable lessons with every step of my own journey.

Accreditation: I graduated with The Coaching Academy, one of Europe’s leading training bodies. I’m also an accredited NLP practitioner.

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