The vast majority of people who seek out business and life coaching do so because they have a specific goal they wish to accomplish, however nebulous or long-term. But what happens after they reach the top of the mountain?

There is a saying, credited to the Greek historian Plutarch but most likely a misquote from the villain of the film Die Hard, that Alexander the Great wept once he looked over his conquest of Ancient Europe, for he had no more worlds he could conquer.

It is commonly cited as the type of existential angst-driven people and natural leaders have when they finally achieve a long-term ambition. Once they have reached what they have spent so long preparing for, what does the world have for them next?

This feeling happens for a variety of reasons. Major goals bring structure, pressure and motivation, which can disappear very quickly once the goal has been achieved. 

This often combines with the exhaustion and even burnout that can sometimes be a consequence of that narrow-minded determination and the result is an emotional plateau. Instead of celebrating success, they lament the end of the journey.

The first step, as counterintuitive as it can feel for someone constantly climbing, is to take that critical step back and let yourself focus on what you want to do next, recover, and have space to celebrate your successes with perspective. Mountain climbers do not spend every waking hour ascending, after all.

As well as this, take some time to reflect on what you did right. Self-reflection is characterised in a negative light way too often, where people examine what went wrong.

Instead, look at the steps that allowed you to succeed, and whether there are ways to channel those positive traits whilst maintaining a positive work-life balance and avoiding burnout.

Finally, look at some of your other goals and dreams and think about what you would regret missing out on most in the future. 

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